Proper Blueprint Way to Release Camera from Composure?


After a lot of struggling with the alpha-blending not working correctly with Composure, I finally managed to build a scene that looks correct. My previous problems are a matter for a lengthy blog perhaps: engine bug involving post-process volume children of blueprint actors always treating Enabled/Unbound as checked; material “Over” glitching out, not being able to drive Composure layer opacity directly via blueprint.

But now that my scene is looking good, I’m at the next stage: what to do when the scene is over. In this case, I’d like to stop running the Composure instance, free up the viewport to receive normal camera output, and save the performance due to not needing it to keep running. In Blueprint, I’ve tried:


However, when executing this Toggle Composite (off), I end up with a white viewport, rather than being able to see through the possessed camera.

Does anyone know the appropriate way to accomplish this?