Prop Manipulator visibility functions are delayed

I was just playing around with a script that triggers many manipulators at a regular interval. I found out that ShowProps() and HideProps() doesn’t get updated directly when you call them.

Looks like it takes a few ms to call those functions but they are not returning any Task, they are not synchronous and there is no callback to use for when the state has changed. (I’m also struggling the same way with prop movers)

I recorded this video so you can understand better, at the start we can see that I jump on the platform a bit before it’s shown and I get to float for a bit. (because of ShowProps() lag)
Also, at the end, the opposite occurs, I’m falling through the prop but we can see it staying for a few ms over my head before disappearing. (because of HideProps() lag)
To me, it looks like the collisions get updated before the meshes.

I’m not saying it’s a big deal, for my case it is because I was going with a tempo related script and it wouldn’t work that way.

I was also wondering if we were not given weaker servers for our test builds, that would maybe explain a part of this.