[promoted] GitDependencies never-ending loop

Over the past several days, I’ve run into an odd issue. I develop on both windows and osx. On windows, everything is fine, but on osx, GitDependencies gets stuck in a never ending download loop where it gets to 100% and then resets itself, still needing to download 463 files. Doing a --dry-run reveals they are all internationalization files, but they just won’t download. I waited for the next couple promoted builds to be released because I’m patient and sometimes things just break on that branch, but it still isn’t working. I re-cloned the repo from scratch, but that didn’t help. I switched from promoted to master to see if that fixed the issue, but no go. I also cloned into a dir just off root in case there was path length issue, but still no go. I’m at a bit of a loss. I suspect there is a corrupt file in the download, but GitDependencies isn’t returning any useful information and is just mindlessly trying to download the same file(s) over and over again. Anyone else run across this issue?

In case anyone else ever runs into this issue, I’ll just add here what I know. It is difficult to determine exactly which file is causing the issue without running GitDependencies with a debugger attached, but it is definitely a file under Engine/Content/Internationalization/All/icudt53l. While it is still broken in master and promoted, excluding this path specifically from GitDependencies does allow me to build and run the editor since presumably all I need are the English files. This is not an issue on the release branch or when checking out commits shortly after the 4.8 version update, however I haven’t taken the time to track down which commit actually introduced the issue since I am able to build the most up-to-date versions without those files and I’d rather spend time building interesting things in the engine than bisecting the tree. I also considered copying the files from that directory over from my windows machine where they downloaded successfully, but since I can compile the engine there hasn’t been a need for it. Hopefully it will be fixed by the time 4.8 preview builds are introduced and I won’t have to selectively exclude dependencies.