[Promote] Full set of content to create the game.

Hi all,

Our Studio is closing and we are selling content from an unreleased game.
The content was created for the game about sea adventures in 16-17 centuries.
A good solution for creating PC or mobile games.
Link to the archive with the demo engine Unreal ver. 4.20.3:…ew?usp=sharing
(1.4 GB)

It is about the transfer of all rights. The new copyright holder can change, resell the content, etc.

Email: [EMAIL=“”]

Why don’t you just sell it on the marketplace? Otherwise on Gumroad, CGTrader, Turbosquid or any other online shop?

This is a complete set for game development. If sold piecemeal, the content will lose its value. We want to transfer all rights to one Studio that can make the game. Someone one will become a new owner.

So what? There are plenty of templates being sold on the marketplace. Maybe you think you will make more money with an exclusive single customer but maybe you would sell a lot of copies on the marketplace and let many developers use your assets.

Our content is essentially a finished game, the content can be exported to Unreal, set to add functionality and the project is ready, you can sell on Steam. Huge saving of time and money for development. We do not claim that everything will be so simple, but for 12-15 months you will have a completed project. If you do everything from scratch you will spend more than 3 years and a lot of money. Together with the game content, we will pass part of the design document.