Promo version and connectivity requirements


reading through the forum I understand that the Promo license requires an active internet connectivity in order to export the reconstructed models. I understand the reasons and I’m fine with it, but I need to know if this is a limitation I can live with.

Let me exemplify: I will have a mass scanning session and then will need to to mass reconstructions sessions :smiley:

Can I take my powerful laptop on vacation (no internet), use RC Promo offline to do the many reconstructions, save the results, in any proprietary format, and two weeks later when I’m back to the office, with proper connectivity, reopen the saves and export the objects ?

Any other caveat I need to be aware for offline work ?

thank you for the clarifications

Hi Massimo Tasso

The connection requirements are quite low ( data transferred )

In principle you process the data and when come online just export it…

thanks a lot !