Projectile Spawning Help

When I spawn my projectile, it spawns at a certain location from the characters right hand, but when my character faces the other way, it spawns the projectile at the left hand. I want it to spawn from the charaters right hand, whatever direction I’m facing. Can someone help with this problem please.

What are you using to spawn the projectile? Bone, Socket, Transform?

@Wxstern I’m using transform.

Try using a socket. Create a socket on the skeleton and set your spawn point to the socket. I’ve had issue’s using just the transform for bones.

@Wxstern When I try spawning it from the socket location, the projectile spawns below me? I have attached my blueprint. If you could help I would greatly appreciate it

Under the advanced settings in the spawn projectile node, there should be more options. I can’t remember their value’s atm , but I’m about to startup my unreal and I’ll post back here soon.

@Wxstern great thanks!

@Wxstern have you managed to do it yet?

Okay, sorry for the delay. Here are the settings I have for my projectile spawning.