Projectile sometimes causes enemy actors to fling around violently (youtube vid available)

Please Help! So I have a problem where this projectile that the player casts sometimes sticks to the enemy actor I shoot it to. Then I guess a combination of stickiness and rotations cause it to fling around everywhere. Normally, and most of the time it should just bounce off everything. There’s like a sweet spot on the actor that causes this.

I also have to mention that whenever I try to jump ontop of this projectile, it kind of abruptly rotates me around too sometimes. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop this issue? I only want it to bounce.

Here is the video of this happening In the rest and previous parts of the video, you’ll see that it usually behaves normally.


Projectile settings:

Character BP of the player spawning grenade and shooting it:

Enemy Pawn Settings:

Anyone got any ideas on how to solve this? Let me know if I’m missing any details or screenshots. Been trying to play with the settings for hours, but still same thing is happening.