Projectile Collision and DefaultSceneRoot?

I’m attempting to create a projectile BP collide. I copied the method from the 1st person template except for setting the a collision object as the root of the projectile’s BP. Is this mandatory? Or is it possible to us a collision object/mesh with collision under the BP’s DefaultSceneRoot? I would prefer to build child projectiles based on a master projectile BP - but I don’t see how that is possible under this paradigm if the projectiles have different sized collision shapes.

setting the a collision object as the root of the projectile’s BP. Is this mandatory

Anything else will be a bit like shooting onself in the foot with said projectile, sadly.


You could experiment with setting another component to update but I’ve had very mixed experiences with it.

The child can just:


Same with overriding mesh for the parent’s static mesh component (not showing it here).

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Thanks much! As I am creating long thin projectiles, is it reasonable to set the sphere radius to approximate that of the projectile’s width/height, then position the projectile mesh so the sphere is at the “pointy bit”? This method appears to work well so far, though I wonder what gremlins await me in the dark.

**I did attempt a capsule first, but due to the inability to rotate the root, I became lost in rotation issues when launching the projectile.

It should work more than fine bar an edge case scenario where the projectile does not orient to movement, flies sideways, backwards, ricochets and spins out of control. Perhaps it’s important to shoot the projectiles with other projectiles - the collision shape becomes more relevant.

Other than that, probably negligible.

You could use box collision instead - more control over the shape.

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Doh. Of course. Box. Thanks a million for sorting this out for me.