Working Title: project_LEAF
Genres: Action (40%), Adventure (40%), Role-Playing (20%)
Players: One
High Concept: Fast-paced mech combat with extensive exploration elements.

In project_LEAF, players control a Link Enhanced Armor Frame (LEAF) as they explore a deep, interconnected world. During their travels, players will encounter enemies and may have to engage in combat to proceed. As players explore and defeat enemies they acquire parts that may be used to customize their gear. The goal is to make the LEAF strong enough to defeat the final boss lying at the heart of the world.

Narrative/Plot Summary:
Not much of a story at this point. It’s the basic nameless warrior goes to fight big bad archetype. I’m thinking of developing the story of each area as I design them.

Key Points:

  1. Fast-paced action - project_LEAF’s combat system simplifies the micromanagement and complicated controls prevalent in other mech games so that players can focus on the action.
  2. Exploration - A lot of popular mech games (MechWarrior, Hawken, Armored Core) are mission-based with arena-style gameplay. I want to turn away from this and explore the adventure genre instead.
  3. Build ANY gun you want - All guns are built by modifying parameters of a single gun archetype using weapon parts. Want to make a shotgun? Add +5 shot burst to your gun. Add +50 firing rate to turn it into a shotgun-SMG.

Design Inspirations:
Dark Souls - Level design, interconnected areas, nonlinear area progression, hidden secrets, etc.
Mech games in general - Mechanics, genre

Where I’m at right now:
I just finished the basic implementation of gameplay mechanics. Still using placeholder assets and primitives. I’m currently working on implementing a basic HUD. From there, I’m going to try to implement the customization system. My priority list is as follows: get mechanics working, get game systems (inventory, equipment, customization, etc) working, add content (levels, enemies, art, sound), polish.

If anyone’s interested in trying out my current build, let me know. I’ll post a link or something.

For anyone who wants to keep up with the project, go to my blog:

I’m going to put all of my project updates there so that I don’t clutter up the forums here. If there are any major updates, then I may post them back to this thread.

Looks good, i’m downloading the test build as i type type this.

Maybe upload some screenshots though.

Here are some screenshots for the current build. Note that I’m still using placeholder assets.

These first screenshots show parts of the testing level.



Here are some screenshots of the boost/flying mechanics.



Finally, here are some screenshots of the shooting mechanics.





In case you’re wondering, the black orbs are placeholder gun mounts. I plan to replace them with proper weapon models when the time comes. For now, I just need something to visualize where the guns would be.

Yeah, loved it, you have my full support on this :smiley:

Good luck buddy

I’m a huge fan of these types of games!

Thanks. Be sure to follow my blog for updates.

Thanks for your interest. You can keep up to date on the game at my blog.

Hey are you on social media? (twitter/facebook)

I just created a Facebook page for the game. Look up Armed Watcher on Facebook and you’ll find my page. Although I will be forwarding all of my posts to my page, you’ll want to visit my main site/blog to check for downloads and stuffs:

New Twitter page that I made for the birds: