Project: ???

Hi everyone :>

So I’m working on my second project but I couldn’t contain my excitement and wanted to spill the beans on it…

…But I don’t want to just yet!

So I came up with a cunning idea!

I’m going to be using this thread as a devlog… Without telling you what the game is… YET!

Here’s a little screenshot to peak your interest:

Why should I be interested?

Over time, I’ll be revealing more and more as this development goes. The game is scheduled to be done in around three months and when the protoype is complete, I’ll be reaching out to interested people to help test (And break!) the game! I’d also love feedback on the stuff I’m revealing to make sure I’m making an actual fun game and not something just I would enjoy.

So you made a work-in-progress thread? And your not revealing anything yet - What gives?!

As I said, I’ll be updating this thread as a Devlog and revealing more and more about my project as time goes on, And looking for feedback as I’m creating the game.

But why should I care?

Because this is one balls-to-the-walls idea.

Here’s a few things to hopefully get you slightly interested:

  • It’s multiplayer (Single-player with BOTS)
  • Cross-play between as many devices possible.
  • Android / iOS / HTML5 players will be crucial to the game. They will be playing a separate game but they will be invaluable to you in-game. - Yes, You heard right. Android / iOS / HTML5 players will be playing a DIFFERENT game but helping you at the same time - No matter what device you end up playing PROJECT IT’S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY on.
  • The game is based in the year 20XX (Waaayyy in the future!) - What’s not to like about that?!
  • The first game to use KitatusID
  • Unreal Engine developer friends will get the game 100% for free! (Anyone whose active on the forums and/or AnswerHub and either helps people out or shows really awesome stuff!)
  • Over-the-top atmosphere (Think Deadpool’s humour only slightly more mature!)
  • I will tutorial-ize everything I do so you can create your own game based on this game easily!

When will you be updating this thread? When will we know more?!

Everytime I add a new feature to my prototype build, I’ll talk about it on this thread and eventually reveal everything about the game RIGHT HERE.

Why are you doing it in this way?

Because I suck at marketing and want to get you excited for what I’m working on.

So are we going to see this on Kickstarter/IndieGoGo/Insert Crowdfunding site here?

Nope. SUPER DISTRO was created JUST to fund this game!

Is this legit?

Yup. I’m even talking to a AAA* publisher about it. That’s how serious I am.

Can I play?

Let me know if you’re interested and when the times come, I’ll throw invites out to help try the game out!

What about your books?

Well my other half is pregnant! Obviously, Babies are expensive (We’re not buying one, But they still cost a lot over time!) so they’ve taken a temporary back-seat while I work on this to bring the money in. Don’t worry - They’ll still be mini-books and tutorial videos / projects while I work on this project :slight_smile:

So that’s all I can really spill now. As you can tell, I’m super excited and will have more to share soon!

Thanks for being awesome everyone!

More to come real soon!

  • Ryan

So trying to show stuff is getting a little hard; I have to blur so much out; But after messing around with main gameplay mechanic for a while, I decided to tackle the main menu (It’s gotta be done eventually). The reason I’ve done it so early on is it is intergrated with KitatusID and I need it to function as soon as possible and so I can test KitatusID with the game :slight_smile:

Did I mention the game is already running at 60fps on mobile? :wink:

For those keen-eyed people there, You’ll notice blur in parts of the picture. Yes… That’s intentional (To hide the secrets! My fake marketing department told me that would be a good thing!)

Well, I will be peeking in from time to time to see what this super-secret project is turning out to be. Looks kind of like a caged-in arena type game? Maybe with light discs? :smiley: That would be awesome.

Anyways, looks like it is going to be a wild ride. Oooh, and congratulations on the New Addition! Hopefully everything comes out ok. :wink:

This has been the closest guess to date but not quite :wink: Almost though!

And thank-you very much! :slight_smile:

I’d thank-you for being awesome, But you already know you’re awesome so… Thanks :wink:

Here’s some more mysteries for those interested!

Can’t see :open_mouth: Is that a trap that i stepped into?

Man, Something obliterated it! Let me reupload somewhere else!

And if by magic… A shop-keeper appears!

Pretty sure I know what your project is and I’m pretty sure I’d love to be a part of it. PM sent!

Man, I just have to say zlspradlin almost got it 100% (I think about 80% correct?) That’s totally crazy.

So do you somehow have different ue4 game projects talking to each other or can you detect the kind of platform is being used and give them a different pawn or view or something? It kind of reminds me of bf4 and the tablet commander.

Indeed :wink: Using KitatusID to do it.

Here’s where I blow your mind: It’s so simple you’ll kick yourself:

  1. KitatusID can read/write stats to a server.
  2. Second project uses the same read/write server.

BOOOOM. Same data but a very, very slight delay in receiving the data. We’re talking a frame or two if that.

But if you wanted to do it the opposite way, You’d just have a folder called ANDROID in your project and make sure when you cook to only include that folder. As long as the connected BPs support it; It shouldn’t call outside that folder :slight_smile:

Progress! :smiley:

Edit: Haha, That screenshot makes it looks like a futuristic version of that game from Road to ElDorado xD

Looks like you are trying to recreate a certain minecraft mini game. What are you up to exactly?

Will the loosers be sacrificed to the gods? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a minecraft minigame similar to what I’m doing? I highly HIGHLY doubt it :stuck_out_tongue: Looks can be deceiving :wink:

Worse! :stuck_out_tongue: