Project weighs 16bg

Hey there , I am about to finish my project , its my first project so it’s not much big , but it weights 16GB . I have downloaded some Static Mesh packs that’s why its so heavy and here is the question , can i actually delete all the static meshes in the Content folder since i already have them on the levels ? and also what else i can do to reduce the memory of the project ?

Yikes! - don’t do that. Your level just have a reference to the meshes in the content folder, if you delete them all, you’ll end up with empty levels and lot of errors.

Best way is to make an empty new project of the same type ( first / third person etc ). Then in your current project, right click on each map ( level file ) and choose ‘migrate’. If you migrate all your maps to the new project it will only take what it needs, you’ll end up with a much smaller project.

Note: It also a good idea to copy the config folder to the new project.

Wow thanks man that helped me a lot !!!

I would recommend you a Plugin for cleaning up your Projects. Those track all unused assets and give you options for deleting/moving them to another Folder.
Those Plugins are cheap and help alot in finishing before packaging the Projects.

As example:…/clean-project