PROJECT: Unreal Fighter 2D

Thank you friend.

I sometimes check their channel but it doesn’t seem like they update it. I don’t like the fact that it’s in Unity though. It means it’s not open source, so meh.

I just checked and apparently two versions of it come with open source code, but the problem is both cost around $200. They also mentioned something about making a version of it for Unreal on their website but I don’t know if they even started working on that.

What I mean is the Unity engine itself. I don’t like the way that you need to pay for important additional features etc too. The Engine itself is not free so it ain’t really fun and games.

If I could do it, I wouldn’t let a beginner to see -everything- I have done, just to make sure they dont confused. And if they wanted to progress, they could buy the full source code too. I am not against what the Universal Fighting Engine does, that’s their decision after all.,

But hey, if they do one for Unreal, I could see where I am doing wrong too. :slight_smile:

The problem that I have with UFE is that everything is pretty much basic stuff. so if you want to add advance features you do need the source version as well knowing C#, so its going to require alot of coding if you want to add extra stuff even a simple color or mesh swap when selection a character.

by basic I mean is that you can add a simple fireball projectile easy but if you want to do something like rugals shield reflector or hulks gamma wave or tornado you have to dive a bit into the code or set up your particles in a certain way for it to work correctly that it made it a ***** and annoying process.

Looks fantastic!

I’m curious to know how you are handling collisions: particularly in terms of:

  • Authoring: How are you defining collision volumes for characters?
  • Resolving Collision: In game, how do you determine who hit what, and when?

That’s the main problem with Unity. You still need to know C# if you want to do something unique. Which is a big Nope for me.

I would rather people who does not how know to code, do stuff too, just like I do. :slight_smile:

Thank you Mr Alan! Here are the answers!


You see, it’s the simple collision setup of paper2D.

Hitting: Capture2.PNG

I use Boxtracing to hit stuff.

That’s all really. I got a Box Trace event where every attack changes it’s values. I am keeping things simple as much as possible. :slight_smile:

This is incredible man. I look forward to seeing that anim notify system :D.

I am working with an engineer to make a system that got a connection to C++.

If it all works well, it will be an amazing step for any paper2d project! We will see ^^

this is so cool!!.. really good job there…
i want to learn more about the materials… how it was setup with paper2d…

Are you changing the shapes of the box trace and the sprite collision per frame?
If so, where do you store and edit that data? Data Table?

Thanks, I will show once I tidy things up :wink:

I understand what you ask now. Let me show abit of it;


At left, you will see one struct with information regarding to hit, and below it the macro that calculates the location and shape of the box trace. Inside that macro there is a calculation of player position aswell, so box trace always triggers where it supposed to be. =)

Bottom right you will see the struct that contains the information regarding which attack can be done, if the current attack connects. It is Light Punch so we got alot of options if we success. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastly at Top right, is the macro that triggers the Attack Event which triggers the box trace. Every 0.0166667 seconds the attack is triggered. First Frame and Last Frame variables are used to how many times to trigger the box trace event and at which frames. =)


Here at Top Left is the Commence Assault. Event that is triggered every frame and you will see the information flooding to the box trace etc. I don’t want to show the rest because beginners will cover in fear if they see the mess! xP

That’s all. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t really look like a mess but thats just me lol. Pretty sure anyone with a bit of blueprint experience and fighting game editors like Mugen/Fighter maker ect… can understand most of whats going on in those 2 pics

I know it’s wishful thinking, but the ability to read Mugen characters and stages like Ikemen does would be absolutely amazing. But it’s amazing already! Good work.

Cheers! Well, it could all surely be better. Maybe all of them being one single big node to cover up all you need. We will eventually get to that part. =)

That would be abit over the top for me to do unfortunately. Though what I aim for is having the exact structure that mugen does. Also implementing a non-painful character transfer so its easy to get someone’s fighter to your own game.

Second option is already working though what I fear is, people will eventually edit my template and change stuff fitting to their character, so things won’t work for someone else etc. But we will see all about that later :slight_smile:

I had one of my Admins over and FMHQ saying it would be awesome if we could import Fighter Maker 2nd characters to unreal…Samething here wishful thinking lol

I have in fact been messing around in Unreal for a few days only issues I’m having right now is figuring out how to get my punch to cause a hit reaction…Seen you was using traces so I decided to see what I could come up. The only problem is these doesn’t really snap to the character only thing I can get to snap is a sphere collision to a socket I have on the left hand.

Glad I have a full 3D model with fighter animations to try and play around with it. I’d be happy to share this model with you Achilleon if you want it so you can advance with 3d more.

But I guess I’m impatient and what something so my future project will have a base to go with.

Anyway keep up the good work you have a friend of yours over on FMHQ that mention you named sandymorrison hehe :slight_smile:

This really awesome!!! Keep up the AMAZING work!!!

Jeeeeez this project has come a long way.

Yay I am famous! :stuck_out_tongue:

As I mentioned though, converting another engine character to Unreal is like praying to God to turn your apple to banana because you would rather have a banana. It would take years for me to code something like that. I mean, I would like to do that for mugen but it’s just… Unreal is too flexable. What I mean is this; you can have your own file structure. For example I have two system modules named “Effect System” and “Sound System”. I plan to combine them together at a later date. You can’t just convert another file of another engine to Unreal because of this flexibility. Or it would just not worth the time.

My current aim is making things very easy so you won’t have to worry about the steps you need to take to come back to Unreal. :slight_smile:

Oh and if you check my youtube channel, you will see my first videos are actually 3D. So it’s not impossible to convert this to 3D. I will do it myself anyway. Though I realised that making animations takes alot of my time so I stopped. And I kinda like 2D :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks people. I am not showing much videos lately but I can assure that the progress goes on as fast as it can. It’s just that there isn’t much visual stuff going on yet. Expect a video next week though!

hey if you need animations for the 3D version I can make you something similar to what KFM had in mugen or something along the lines of ryu’s basic sfa style

I know myself that it would be almost impossible to do an import from another engine. Would be a lot of hex editor work I’m sure. Anyway yea I seen the videos using the Red and Blue 3d models. What I’m was saying to you is I have a model with animations baked in for a fighter. I’m currently using it myself to get a grip of the engine so far I have him walking,jumping, crouching and can throw a weak punch or Jab. With just a simple Apply any damage function to trigger an event to play a anim montage for a Weak High Hit.

But yea just basic stuff I haven’t got around to figuring out how to get the fighters to turn when you switch sides. But this is just a learning experience the real work will come when you release this project.