Project size groth over time. Any way to prevent it from becoming too large?


I have a question regarding project size groth over time (I mean project folder, not game itself). I’m not sure how exactly the folder becomes larger and larger by such huge amounts over time. Currently my game’s visual assests size is just 32.2 MB, but project’s size is currently 5.34 GB (with “Intermediate” folder size 1.48 GB and “Saved” folder size 3.28 GB). If I understend everything correctly, “Intermediate” and “Saved” can be considered as some kind of cash, so I delete both folders on regular basis. But maybe there is another way to stop project from being so large? Any suggestions?

Check autosave folder.
I usually backup my whole project, then delete autosaves in working copy. So for next backup i have only recent autosaves.

Thanks for the suggestion, but actually, I don’t use autosaves. Found this feature more annoying than helping, and turned it off :slight_smile: