[Project] Packaging projects doesn't copy uproject file


I tested packaging my project that is a content project. It was succeeded. But, the project folder doesn’t have uproject file. The following document said that I should create a shortcut and add “…/…/…/…/[ProjectName]/[ProjectName].uproject” -pak to the property of that. But it seems that [ProjectName].uproject is not there. (I think it should be …/…/…/, but, anyway, packaging did not copy uproject file.)


I copied my uproject file myself and run my game. It’s best if Rocket Packaging feature copies uproject file in the same time.

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Kazuhisa Minato.

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Hey Kazuhisa,

When you packaged your Content-only project, if the Use Pak File option was checked, then the .uproject file is actually inside the .pak file so you won’t see it in the directory structure. Also, the path in the argument (from the doc page you listed) that should be used is slightly off, we’ll have that documentation updated ASAP, but you should use this as your argument in your shortcut:

“…/…/…/[ProjectName]/[ProjectName].uproject” -pak

Try that out and let us know if it still isn’t working for you.



Create a link to your Binary executable and add -PAK instead :slight_smile:

probably the 64 bit version :slight_smile:

It’s nestled under several directories, but find the .exe, and right click on it, make shortcut, move that shortcut to your project root directory

the shortcut will update automatically

now add -PAK and click on it and all should be well :slight_smile:

Hey Kazuhisa,

Thanks for your question! Let us know if Rama’s answer doesn’t help resolve your issue.



Hi Rama,

Hi Steve,

I added just -PAK to the shortcut to the .exe. And it showed the following error message “RocketGame requires a project file as the first parameter”.


By the manual, if the project type is Content, the argument needs uprojet file path and -PAK, right? I needed to copy uproject file handy but I could run my game with two arguments. The reason why I wrote this post, I hope that Rocket copies the required uproject file automatically at packaging.


Kazuhisa Minato.