Project no longer runs on Gear VR (4.12.5)

This is a whole new level of crazy with Gear VR and UE4.

Project used to be built and ran fine with 4.12.4 just yesterday (or the day before yesterday).

Updated to 4.12.5 and while the same project builds fine, it doesn’t run on Gear VR any longer. I get pitch black screen. At the same time, if I build FPS Template for Gear VR with the same exact settings I use for my project, it runs fine.

Here is the logcat:

Does anyone from Epic have any idea what’s going on?

Thanks beforehand

This gets even weirder - I opened FMOD Studio, built project again, and it worked :confused:

If that’s not a coincidence, why on Earth does FMOD Studio need to be opened in order for a project that uses FMOD plugin (not from Oculus) to be built properly o.O

Nice, Glad ya got it figured out…

it’s obviously dependent on it somehow.

btw man be sure to be at the Unreal stream tomorrow…

I haven’t figured it out yet :frowning: It’s like black magic when it comes to UE4 and Gear VR. No wonder people use Unity instead of UE4.

I do suspect FMOD, but who knows why it really happened :confused: Most likely yet another hidden bug that needs to be resolved :confused:

I doubt that :frowning: Day job has been keeping me very busy, so I couldn’t even make it to yesterday’s stream, even though I proposed a theme to steam (I didn’t even have time to check the recording).

What’s gonna happen tomorrow anyway ?

I think it may have triggered clearing Intermediate and/or Saved in your project.

FMOD plugin?

So do I have to have FMOD Studio open all the time when I work with UE4 project that uses FMOD ?

No, I think something changed enough it forced a full build again. I don’t believe you need to have FMOD Studio open.

Yeah, something was definitely off. Last night I built and deployed well, without FMOD Studio being opened.