Project Installation Problem [got nowhere else to go]

I’ve been trying to find a solution to a problem where whenever I try and create a premade project, the installation countdown keeps getting stuck, for lack of any better words. I can create the project, but as its downloading, the first half of the countdown which shows how much of the total project has been downloaded will just fluctuate back and forth, like it can’t figure whether or not it should go backward or forward on the countdown. I think its still downloading, but whatever is happening is essentially slowing it down to the point it takes an eternity just to download a small amount of information.

It’s not my internet connection speed, because everything else [internet access, xbox one downloads] is working fine. It’s also a problem that has only presented itself with engine versions 4.13 and 4.14, and all of the projects in question are premade projects I’ve downloaded from the Epic Game Launcher’s Learn page. Now before anyone says that I should email Epic Games or go to Answerhub, let me save you the trouble; I’ve already done both, and all they did was lead around in circles, and asking for help here is the only thing I haven’t done yet. Its a bit frustrating when the people who made the program in question basically tell you they can’t do anything, you should go look somewhere else for answers!:mad:

Still having the problem, though I have seen some interesting behavior with the problem; it seems to effect every download in the Launcher, including the download of the Launcher itself. I quite literally deleted every trace of the Unreal Engine on my computer, then reinstalled the Launcher, and the problem is still going on. The exception seems to be any premade projects and add-ons that are actually purchased from the marketplace, rather than downloaded for free on the Learn page on the Epic Games Launcher.

I originally thought that the problem may simply be with the countdown itself, but after seeing one of the downloads actually going backwards I’m not so sure. So far the only way I’ve found to get around this problem is to cancel the download when it starts lagging, exit the Launcher, then sign back into the Launcher and restart the download, which almost seems to have the effect of accelerating the download to catch up from the time it got stuck, but it’s only a temporary solution that adds more time to an already slow download process.

Please, can someone, anyone here help me? I have tried emailing Epic Games, but their responses are slow and so far have been absolutely no help, and nothing in the Answerhub helps either. Hell, there is literally a question there that almost perfectly describes the problem I’m having, but the solution only made the problem worse! I’m begging you, please help!

Hi AdventDestiny.

Unfortunately troubleshooting the Launcher is not a focus of mine or most staff who review the Unreal Engine forums (it’s an entirely separate tool). I could link you to knowledge-base articles and Answerhub posts about similar issues, but it sounds like you’ve already found and reviewed them, and their solutions don’t help you anyway with your particular issue.

I have sent a request to our Customer Support team (they handle Launcher, Account, and issues with Epic’s games) to review your ticket and offer any additional support they can. For the record, and the benefit of any other individuals who view this, our resource for Launcher support is via

I wish you success in resolving the issue.

Moving this into the ‘General’ section since it is not ‘feedback’

Thanks for the support. It may take a while, but hopefully someone will figure out what the heck this cursed little bug is!

Just when I think I know what this thing does, it ends up doing something completely different, I swear this thing’s intelligent and out to annoy me… for a little while I honestly thought that it could simply be a problem with my internet speed, but that turned out to be a false alarm.

So far the only advice I can offer to anyone who may be having the same problem is cancel any download or installation that lags, sign out of the launcher, then sign back in and restart the download, repeat this as needed until you finish what you need to install, and hope that by the time you’ll need to do more downloads Epic Games will be able to track this damned bug down and exterminate it for good!