Project embryo - avp fangame

Hello! I’m glad to finally join this site.
I’m in the early stages of developing PROJECT EMBRYO, an AVP game focused on Multiplayer, and we currently need people onboard with experience in UE4, artistry skills, animation, ect. Joining the project is the founder of OCTOBER GAMES (Puppet master) and the chief level designer of PRIMAL CARNAGE.

Why the name Project Embryo?
Currently, there is no actual name for the project. And hey, Project Embryo sounds pretty cool as a working title, no?

So whats this game going to be about then?

The aim of project embryo is to bring back the feeling of staying close to your marines as a group of Xenomorphs break down the door, the imminent threat of the pulse rifle you wield could jam at any moment. The Thrill of tracking down a target and spearign them through the torso as a Predator, using your blend of Technology and fighting prowess to stalk and assault your foe. And of course, the sheer terror of playing as the infamous Xenomorph, utilising each caste’s unique skills to work as a hive mind and snatch your foes from the shadows, or showering them with a fountain of acidic spit.
So essentially, bring back the glorious days of PvP massacre, while adding in new features and refining the experience in a free multiplayer three way war.

What new features?

Brand new USCM weapons, Xenomorph variants, Predator skills and abilities to change the outcome of a match
New and Remastered maps from previous titles. Ever wondered how terrifying fighting a predator during the storms of Fury 161 could be?

Customisation options to bring a unique flair to your killing machines. Give that pulse rifle a new smooth crimson finish with a Spider web stencil, Unlock new head options for the xenomorphs and add markings to them, ala Colonial blech Marines, or Use the skulls and blood of your enemies to adorn your armor as a predator, and discover the masks worn by the legends.

Obviously, the project is in the beginning stages, but with Corporal Hicks and other fellow AVP fans onboard with the idea, the dream of a truly great AVP MP game is in sight.
Now, obviously, help is needed. While my drawing skills are now nulled due to my dyspraxia, I am capable of sculpting designs to translate into 3D using clay, among other things. Currently, Artists, modellers and animators are required to help solidify each character and variant, as well as bring an idea of how things will look ingame. Please don’t hesitate to offer your skills if needs be!

Unreal Engine 4 is the main objective.
I have a discord channel for that, as well as concept art and the like! think of it as a mini-hub for now. In the discord, you will find a document in which to write and save your suggestions, but you MUST clean up after yourself and keep things on-track. None of the contents of the document are solid as of yet, so take what other’s suggestions you might read with a pinch of Salt.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Progress will be slow to begin with, but with your help and support, we will be able to play online with eachother and tear our friends apart limb from limb like its 2001 again!