Programs to use in game development / useful guides ?

So I’m new to game dev I have in the past done some tutorials on the basics of UE4 and blender but nothing in-depth. I am wondering what kind of programs and frameworks(processes) I need to know about for the whole game dev cycle? I am most interested in creating an RPG game. I’m going to list off the process and program I think I can use but if someone can add processes I might have missed or programs that work better that would be great. I would like the game to have a basic co-op where one person can join you and help you explore and gain items.

Game engine - UE4
Code / blueprints - Visual studio / ue4
modeling of props (doors,weapons,shields)- blender
animation (moving a lever or a gate opening) - blender / houdini indie
character creation - blender /
character animation and rigging - blender ?
sound effects / dialogue - ?
VFX (magic spells , fires, explosions) - blender / houdini indie?
world map creation - houdini / ??
UI - ?
texture / material - blender ?
multiplayer - amazon gamelift ?

If I missed any major sections let me know Like I said I am new to all of this and know it will take years of hard work but I can’t shake being drawn to it. If you have any tutorial series you recommend that would be super and if there are programs that are best to learn in general, I don’t plan on getting a job or anything just a hobby so I can more about a low price point and power vs industry standard.