Programs to go along with what ive got ?

Hello all I’m starting of i game design teaching myself lots of programs and learning just as much as possible and trying to make sure I’ve got everything I need. I saw some posts about programs ot use along side unreal engine 4 but most where from 2014 and i figured programs and their prices and quality could have changed quite a lot in 2-3 years. If any one has a list of all the things you would need ot make outside of or should make outside of Unrela engine 4 that would be great so far ive got

Game engine : UE4

Coding :Ue4

Animation/rigging : Blender

3d Model Creation : blender

Sculpting : Blender

Audio (music and sound effects) : Wwise

Textures/ matrieal : substance desginer

3d model painting : Substance Painter

Cinematics : Unreal engine 4

Any major game features that I’ve missed ? I’m trying to think of everything i would need and just don’t wont to miss anything (if one of these programs does something else i need do let me know) What should I use for environments im going for ( one day) a more high detailed smaller level story telling type game ? , Thank you!

It depends on how much money you want to spend

At the moment I’m just trying to figure out what else I need and then I would try and find programs , Preferably that are free or cheap for indie devs with it just being me working at the moment.

I’m more interested in if I’m missing any major game features , I can’t think of anything that these programs cant do but I’m also new at this.


Gimp as a replacement for Photoshop, making pixel textures
Inkscape as a replacement for Illustrator, making vector based textures
audacity is free, found it useful for audio editing
Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, it’s free
Google Docs, it’s free, for game design doc, spreadsheets etc.
Trello, for Issue tracking

Something that you may want to pay for is hosted source control. We use, it’s about $20 a month, our repo is about 6 gigs right now. There are other comparable services, Assembla, Amazon and Github are all good alternatives. If you decide not to use paid hosting at a minimum setup your own version control on a backup raided drive, doesn’t matter if git, perforce or svn just do it, and use it. If you don’t you will be on the forums asking how to get your project back after you messed it up, the files got corrupted somehow, or it just disappeared after a program crash.

You probably don’t need Substance. The Material editor in Unreal is good. We started out using it but had major framerate issues which were resolved when we removed it and made all our textures, including dynamic ones with the UE4 Material Editor.

Maybe visual studio express for coding in C++?

edit: whoops, beaten to the punch to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

One more question , how do games achieve vastly different visual styles such as the telltale makes vs lets say battlefield or something and what is the best choice for a solo or small team to work on because i want to focus mostly on story and narrative then I do gameplay , which of course is very important but something I want to be fn and intreging but for this game I want more of a story telling element. 9 quite a bit of cuutscences and such).