Profiling disabled in 4.3?

We noticed that in 4.3, the guts of FProfilerActionManager::ToggleDataCapture_CanExecute() were disabled, which makes it impossible to profile.

We can get around it for now just by commenting out the #if 0 … #endif directives, but will this be re-enabled in some way in 4.4?

#A Solution

Hii there!

I recently did some profiling in 4.3 release, and it worked fine to use the console commands

stat startfile

stat stopfile

then I loaded the result in Editor just fine !

Again I was using the release, unmodified engine, with any changes Epic made intact.

So if nothing changes in 4.4 you could try that!


I did find it odd I could not seem to start collecting data using the frontend window though…


You can use commands mentioned by Rama.
Removing that ifdef also should work, somehow it may crash.
I will fix the ToggleDataCapture_CanExecute issue, but not sure when :slight_smile:
It won’t be available in 4.4, maybe 4.5. I can give you the cl/github number when it’s done.