Professional Car Rig & Simulation?

I am looking for a professional Car Rig and Physics Simulation Pack.
I was checking some on the Marketplace - but unfortunately, the ones I was testing did not qualify the level of accuracy I would like to achieve.

Some AAA Games do have a fantastic Car Simulation built into their systems.
I am aware, that this is the best of the best on the market and that a lot of development went into those tools.

However, I was wondering if something similar is out their to purchase?
Or if it would be possible to get this done with a limited budget?

Thank you very much for any advice, hints, suggestions and even free tools you might consider testing.
Appreciate every input and idea.

Thank you so much!

Custom physic vehicle simulation! Project download included. - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums … an interesting way of doing vehicle physics and may inspire, but the default physx system isnt so bad once you get to grips with it. Its not ever going to be assetto corsa but you can make some fun more arcade like vehicles the can hold in a slide and make you smile!.