production lighting makes shadow edges wobbly?

shadows look fine with preview lighting build but look like this with production, why would that be?

-what happens when you increase the lightmap resolution of your mesh?
-are your quality settings on “epic”? :slight_smile:
-which lights do you have in your scene?
-are those static meshes?
-which version do you use?

quality settings are on high, my gfx gets a bit too hot with epic quality.
increasing lightmap resolution fixes the problem thanks :slight_smile:

strange how using a low resolution creates a smooth wobble, i would have thought it would do jagged edges.

Yep, that’s really strange, because normally you get very sharp and “broken” shadows when you use a low lightmap res :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like distance field interpolation, which is why static shadows in UE4 don’t look pixellated at low resolutions, just weird and wavy. It depends on the type of shadow, indirect ones will still look pixely.