Processing keyboard input

Now I have seen people processing the input in the blueprints of either the player or the player control but I can’t seem to understand how. I looked around the sample projects but did the only thing I have found is the input events in the project settings.

Can somebody shed some light on how to process the user input from either mouse or a keyboard, and where to find the input processing in the sample projects

There isn’t too much of a processing going on actually. You just define the controls in the input tab in the project settings then call them in the blueprint editor and create the nodes for whatever happens when a key is pressed or the mouse moves.

In any case, watching this might help you: - YouTube

Please also see the maps called Blueprint_Input_Examples and Blueprint_Mouse_Interaction that come with the ContentExamples project.

Yes but when I create an empty project there are already defined controls which I cannot seem to find anywhere. Little help on that one. And also I messed around with the Details → Pawn settings and found out that if I set the auto posses player to other than disabled then the I am unable to move. (that is when I create a new blank project without starter content and add nothing more than a pawn)

There is also the PlayerController Class which I cannot seem to understand.

I think I got the hang of it

Fist the player should be of type character and then the Details->Pawn the Auto Posses Player should not be default
Then set up the controls in the blueprint with taking note of the selected Player index in the Auto Posses Player setting