Procedural NURBS Curves and Surfaces from Marketplace

I have bought 2 days ago “Procedural NURBS Curves and Surfaces”.
It doesn’t work at all. Doesn’t start.
All traks within .sln file are after compiling on different machine PC. Can not to be rebuild.
Blueprints haven’t any class, parent class!
Its names looks like true ones. but nothing doing. I know NURBS modelling under Rhinoceros and I hope for good plugin and editor mode. This is fake asset! My money is lost.

I should to buy “Mesh Tool” at almost the same price.

FAKE! without installer, do not start under 4.24.3 [should], no additional mode of editor.

I have returned this asset, actually ot the “Complete Project” type, and asked for refund.
Successfully! Thanks.

Now I use “Mesh Tool”.