Procedural Mesh Component wont save

Hi, i’m using the new procedural mesh component added ion 4.8. It works great, but when i want to save the map when a blueprint has one or more components, the editor comes with the following message:

LogSavePackage:Warning: Referencers of BodySetup /Game/roadSegment.roadSegment_C:Procedural Mesh Component_8.BodySetup_13:
LogSavePackage:Warning:     ProceduralMeshComponent /Game/roadSegment.roadSegment_C:Procedural Mesh Component_8 (1 refs)
LogSavePackage:Warning:         0) ObjectProperty /Script/ProceduralMeshComponent.ProceduralMeshComponent:ProcMeshBodySetup

and then

Can't save *.umap: Graph is linked to external private object BodySetup /Game/roadSegment.roadSegment_C:Procedural Mesh Component_8.BodySetup_13 (ProcMeshBodySetup)

Anyone knows why?