Procedural Mesh Component Hole Slice / Boolean Opperation

Hi, There Community!

I am trying to do something using Procedural Meshes as suggested “here”](

Now I have managed to accomplish the following:

using this script:

What I would like to do now is be able to have a player create a hole for a window inside the Procedural Mesh. I had a look at the Slice Function but I am not sure if this will be able to do this and if it can how would I go about using it to do this?

Ideally, I’d like to have a line trace which spawns a movable procedural cube with a translucent material that acts as a placeholder for the player to visualize where his hole will be, and then maybe on left click, it performs the boolean operation using the ghost mesh.

Is this something that is possible using procedural meshes? Is there a simple way to do it or will it require crazy algebra type maths:-P

Currently, i have a building system which allows players to spawn foundations and add walls using static meshes. If I Can get this to work I can reduce the number of meshes id need for walls and floor etc as the holes would be dynamically created using the procedural components. This will allow for some interesting player build structures.

So in a nutshell, Can i spawn a procedural mesh as per the pic and the script attached above and then spawn another one and use it to cut a hole in the first mesh using the extents of the later?

If the comunity cant hgelp with this hopefully Alexander spots it and passes it on for us :smiley: