Procedural Generation - Authored & Random - Navigation at Runtime


I made this thread to sort of tie in with my AnswerHub post, at least here we can discuss more easily, possible changes and alternate ways to approach some of the problems these systems can introduce.

Currently I have built this system that generates an increasing length of hallway depending on how far you set it and inside that hallway it will also spawn random Lockers/Lasers which in turn can have random contents or random lasers turned on or off.

However if I move the code to runtime it no longer builds the navigation for the AI that use it.

Has anyone else come across something similar, or perhaps is my process missing some key steps?


AnswerHub Post: Procedural Generation - Navigation Mesh on Runtime - UE4 AnswerHub

If you are using navmesh for your ai navigation just check “rebuild at runtime” or something similar in the project settings for navmesh and you should be fine.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t I have posted that same information on AnswerHub because it should be as simple as you said.

Thanks for commenting and trying :slight_smile:

Hi, this is taken from a post i did a while back, in order to get runtime navigation rebuilding you have to manually set it in the default engine .ini which is located in …/ProjectDirectory/Config/DefaultEngine.ini