Procedural generated dungeon NavMesh doesn't work in VR

I’ve got a Procedural Generated Dungeon. I checked to see if the NavMesh was built, by checking show navigation in the command console. It was all green. But when using the VR template for teleport the NavMesh doesn’t work. I placed a static mesh under the procedural first tile and then the teleport worked. Is this a bug.

Sean Dennis

He Sean,

It sounds to me like your procedural mesh might not have collision. Especially if you can see the nav mesh in the scene and adding a static mesh works.

Try giving your dungeon meshes collisions.

Hope this helps,

Yeah I did that first and also set collision to block all. But didn’t work and closed up game dev for the day. Yet restarting the editor today and now it seems to be working. Weird.

Thanks for the reply though.