Procedural Foliage Spawner Crash for large quantities

So, I’ve been attempting to use Procedural Foliage spawner for Grass placement on my map, It is a very large map that would take Millions of Meshes for grass. I have tried to do smaller sections of the map, Doing several spawners with small quantities works until I reach about 8-10 Million total meshes and then it just crashes every time after that. I have tried many set ups, none seem to work.

The Simulating works correctly and always finishes, the Placing always finishes aswell, But after both are done the computer lags for even up to hour or more and then the editor crashes. I have 16gb ram and editor uses 13-14gb when doing this.

I am using 4.9 and it is definitely better than before, it used to crash at much lower quantities on previous versions.

I think you’ve answered your own question, its just taking up too much memory. Have you tried setting all quality settings from epic down to low and texture % from 100 to 25%? Also turn off realtime rendering.

When you get to that many meshes. Even procedural instanced… thats ALOT. like… ALOT.

Start adding some very aggressive LODs. At a distance it should just be a single triangle for a bush.

Also materials. Simplify your material setup, get the material instructions count down.

Hope this helps
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