Procedural Foliage Spawner (Any one have any tips on using it runtime) ?

So i was hoping here someone can give me some tips.
Am trying to create a foliage spawner using the UProceduralFoliageSpawner::

Now first problem here is that when adding a foliage spawner to the actor class.
I can`t get it to simulate in the editor, the nifty Resimulate button is not available for the actor.

Anyone have a clue about how this can be done?

Also if anyone have any refrence on how i can create my own Resimulate button for in editor, please let me know.


EDIT: AProceduralFoliageVolume:: was what i was looking for.

Going over the code for UProceduralFoliageComponent:: it becomes pretty obvious I can’t use it runtime.
As all code is nested with #if WITH_EDITOR so I guess that’s a no go.