Procedural Curbs / Pavements and Road tool

A road system I developed for my team.

The highlight of the system is a spline-based curb/pavement generation system.
This system utilizes the new ProceduralMeshComponent that has been recently exposed to blueprint.
it basically generates customisable pavement area that will leave square holes.

This is so that buildings or BSP blocks can be place on them.
I find this a challenge when using deforming curbs using splinemesh because the corners would be round instead of square.

As with all our system , performance is a focus , straight curbs are generated with instanced mesh with perinstance texture originating form single texture set.
I’m happy to explain the logic behind the curb/pavement if anybody would find them useful. If there’s a demand I’ll release on marketplace.

As for the road , it’s just a re-hash of old tricks.

When will this be released on the marketplace?

Will this ever come to the marketplace?

I hope this comes to the marketplace soon.

pls respond I will pay handsomely