Procedual Map for RTS Game

I’m trying to make a procedural map for my RTS game. The map should be generated as soon as i load the level. I don’t need to be able to adjust the generated map after it’s generated. The target is to create something close or equal to the maps in “Age of Empires”. The maximum size would be about 500x500 tiles.
I already have some ideas, but I’m not sure which one to choose.
Fully dynamic maps**
This is how i imagine the whole generation process:

  1. Generating a heightmap
  2. Generating a “resource map” for trees, gold, stone, fish, …
  3. Generating the map (I don’t know which method to choose here)
    Custom Mesh Component:
    This seems to be the best choice so far, because it gives me the maximum amount of control. But is this suited for a map? Is it possible to blend the textures like it is possible on a landscape ?
    It seems that it is not possible to generate it at runtime, but I could be wrong here.

Partially dynamic maps
I also thought about providing a limited amount of maps which vary in resource placement, which would make them “unique” again.

Any ideas or suggestions would be very helpful!

(I hope you were able to understand everything :slight_smile: )