"ProBuilder" for Unreal 4 Marketplace

FINAL UPDATE: With the upcoming release of Unreal’s own geometry tools, we’ve decided to officially end this project. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but we’re sure Epic has some great tools on the way to fill the gap!

Hi all!

Long time back, I was a big Unreal user, swapped over to Unity mainly for the ease of creating smaller, non-FPS games from scratch. The lack of any “BSP”/level editing tools led me to create “ProBuilder” for Unity, and (irony!) I’m now looking into bringing PB over to Unreal, via the new Marketplace. I’ve heard from a few Unreal users that this would be a great move, and would really appreciate general community input :slight_smile: Looks to be a fairly large and complex undertaking, porting PB from Unity to Unreal, but definitely doable, and I’m all for it if the need exists!

Thoughts/questions/etc would be great to hear. I’ll be tooling around with the new UE4 for my own potential uses- exciting, and feels a bit like coming home!

*About ProBuilder:
ProBuilder is the “level editor” plug-in for Unity, allowing in-editor mesh building, texturing, and UV control. We are constantly expanding and adding to the tool, most recently adding full manual and auto UV unwrapping + template rendering, complex geometry actions like cut, weld, bridge, loops and rings, extrude, etc, and real-time (in-game) construction ability. More info at:" *

SKIP TO 1:06 to get past my boring talk, sorry! :stuck_out_tongue: