Problems with Vector offsets post AttachTo/DetachFromComponent

Hello All(?) - I’m having a fairly large problem with vector offsets in a ledgehang behavior, but only after implementing AttachTo/DetachFrom. As shown in the image below:

Desired behavior: The player approaches a ledge, and the traces figure out where that ledge is, some checks happen (isCloseEnough, isFalling, etc,) & the actor moves to that location, and attaches to the component which developed the trace hits. Some animation stuff happens, and when the player wants down/up/off, they send that signal, and it happens: player detaches, and either falls or mounts up the ledge & stands on the actorComponent that they were just hanging from.

The Problem: This works great! The first time. Every other time, the TPC_LedgeLocation Vec3 seems valid and accurate (PrintString and some appends tell me so…) but when I jump to grab another ledge, I get sent somewhere completely different, at a different surface normal as well. No idea why this is happening. Any ideas/help?

Inc: rest of BP: