Problems with multiplayer server in Unreal 4.12.5.


I am kind of new to Unreal and I am having some troubles with getting my multiplayer server to work. I followed the official Unreal tutorial regarding network and multiplayer ( and from following it, I have a working lobby and can find and join sessions on LAN without problems.

The game we are making is a racing style game which has a HUD which shows the time within the game, displays gears etc (Also another Unreal tutorial). The problem is that when players are in the lobby and the game is started, it loads by the host and client into the game but the host’s HUD doesn’t work correctly but the clients does in the sense the checkpoint system and HUD works fine for the clients screen, yet the actual host’s screen doesn’t work and it doesn’t make sense as shouldn’t the client screen or second players screen be the same as the host’s and not the other way around.

However, If I disable the HUD by disconnecting it from the viewport, both players load into the map and it kind of works just the HUD doesn’t.

I understand this explanation is not very good and may not help me find my answer but I am not used to Unreal that much and am learning as I go along. Any help would be a massive help or another server tutorial which may be simpler as im willing to try anything.

Also feel free to ask for code and I can provide that.

First image I have attached is when two players are connected over LAN and the HUD has been disconnected from the view port, both players are able to connect but the HUD doesn’t appear and the checkpoint system shows up on the second players but not the host.


Second image I have attatched is when the HUD is enabled within the map, the second players window works fine but the host’s window wont get rid of it and display it the same way as the second players.

Client works but host doesnt.JPG

I should also mention that when the other player tries to host the server and the original host joins as a guest, the same thing happens which makes me believe it may be something to do with the host but I am not sure.