Problems with imported skeletal mesh

Hi, I know that DAZ content is not well suited for Unreal, but I found this mech model on the daz store and thought that it is pretty cool for making some experiments with unreal and allright rig.

Unfortunately, when I rotate the minigun, it wobbles and the bone rotation of the legs is not aligned with the bones, i.e., in world space and not in local space. Is there a solution for these problems?

many thanks!

double check top of the viewport and make sure your gizmo is using local space.
I don’t really know any softwares that export bones with world-aligned transforms. Maybe this is a system of static meshes parented to eachother. In which case, you may have to take the model into another 3d editor and rotate the mesh pivots manually.

Thanks for your attempt to help me! Unfortunately, I had to import it in Blender and correct all the bones manually.
The good thing is that I learned a lot about Blender :slight_smile:

Maybe the problem is because DAZ is based on the dual quaternion system