Problems with .CSV files

Hello everyone,

I’m using data tables from .CSV files but i"m facing some issues lately.
My CSV file just disappears from my content browser while I’m working. If I click on another folder then come back to the folder where the CSV was, it reappears. But now, for some reason, it seems that the CSV is not being saved in the project also. When I load the engine and open my project, it gives me a few errors from the blueprints who use data from the CSV complaining that there’s no file for them to be imported. When this happens, I have to reimport the CSV file and reconfigure all the blocks that use the CSV file.

Has anyone seen or faced this kind of issue before?

Thanks in advance for the help!

I haven’t seen this before, DataTable assets are usually pretty solid.

It may be an issue with redirects - right click on the folder that houses the DT and choose Fix Up Redirects, save and restart the engine. That might help.

If you find this to be a continued frustration, you can try Runtime DataTable and load your CSV straight from the disk without import. Or a Google Sheet.