Problems with constrain in the physics asset

Hello everybody.

Help me please adjust the physical asset as in the robo recall.

I set up 2 profiles for animations and for constrains just like in robo recall.

I’m working in version 4.19.

Konstrayiny tear at a small effort, especially well seen on the hands and feet.

Here’s a video. Physics asset - YouTube

I also configured the physical asset in version 4.16 and everything looks much better than in 4.19.

Test in version 4.16. test phat 4.16 - YouTube

I read the documentation, tried to change the settings, created anew, nothing helps (all this in 4.19).

Read patchnotes from 4.17 to 4.19 except for the processing of the interface (physical asset) did not find any serious changes.

I already think there is some kind of bug.

I will be glad to any help.


My problem was solved by the setting “Position solver iteration count”.

With other bones this is not done.