Problems with communication with AI Controller of a character (casting to or event dispatchers)

This is an extension of a post I made about a week ago about sending event dispatchers to characters not working last week.

I know the original post is about the sphere trace, which I have fixed, though the underlying problem of me not being able to send messages to the ai controller of character I have in the world still exists.

First when I send a sphere trace with the message “Intimidate”, I can send it to the ElephantTest, but no message goes through to the ElephantTest_ai. I’ve also tried directly sending messages to the ElephantTest_ai from the “DayNightCycle” actor and used an AI Controller as a variable, however I cannot pick ElephantTest_ai as the current actor. Tell time event from DayNightCycle is also in the blueprint, I just did not screenshot it. Any help on this would be really appreciated.