Problems with Adventure Puzzle: Rotation == Code (does not activate right event)

I have making this puzzle in Unreal by following this tutorial by It’s Me Bro. You rotate some mesh objects and their rotation is matched to a code which is stored in a float array (50,20,15) (figure 1). Once this happens the event “Open Door” should take place and move the door according to the timeline. Rotation works as you can see from this video I made, but the code constantly activate’s “Open Door” without any consequence on the door itself (my_gate_Blueprint). I feel like I am missing something… can you help?

(figure 1)

You haven’t connected the open door node…

Thank you for you answer. Turns out it did not matter if I didn’t connect the open door node, because it is defined as an event in the door blueprint (which I did not show). The problem was exactly in the door blueprint. Apparently you must target exactly the same Static Mesh Component (node?) (the door) when you set and get the world location of a particular mesh. And also I forgot that you have to add elements manually to an array if you want it to work.