problems with 2D scifi shooter sidescrolling pack

does anyone know how i can get a refund for this pack? i literally just bought it, now. i didnt know that many of the blueprints have japanese headings, prior to buying the pack, and this game is VERY buggy. due to the japanese headings, its very hard to navigate through the bps, and the viewport editing camera is too buggy to navigate through their levels, so i could read their process. to be fair, its not the type of game that would help me with the game im making, and i should have forseen that the skeletal rigging and animation process’ used in this pack would not inform me about the frame by frame animation process that im using in my game, but its still unusable to me, in all other respects. i did not feel adequately informed about the bugs and language barriers prior to purchasing this pack, and i would like my money back, please.

Hey there (:

i would suggest contacting Jon Jones via Private Message here on the forum or just wait until they see the thread!

I’m sure they can sort this for you.

japanese headers? That would on certain be very… unEPIC. How does that fit threw the curators? We speak englush here and on the marketplace, shouldnt that be a rule? Baisc communication and stuff?

alright. thanks. ill try messaging him as well. hopefully he replies.

the camera bug was my fault, because ue4 reads controller input during the editor viewport, for some reason, but the japanese language is still a thing. its gets unreasonably hard to navigate, when i get passed all of familiar bp stuff. also, upon further inspection i cant play the levels. it just crashes my ue editor when i try.

right, kanizitas? all i want, is to be able to understand the bps. qq