Problems using VS2017 on Windows 10 and Xcode on macOS High Sierra

after starting my first project aa fe days back I’ve come to realise that IntelliSense and UE4 aren’t best of friends. Syntax highlighting breaks a lot, code completion is virtually unavailable. The same goes for Xcode. I can’t seem to configure either of them to work well with my projects. Do you guys have any suggestions for improving my performance, since programming in UE4 without any help and prior knowledge is rather trivial.
On the other hand, Visual Studio Code seems to be working best with regards to my issues, they aren’t really there but since it’s more of an editor on steroids it doesn’t feel all that fleshed out.

Thanks in advance!

Oh, I’m using the latest stable version 4.18.3.

If you are really seriously looking into C++ programming then Visual Assist add-on for Visual Studio is what you are looking for. (My opinion) C++ are not usable at all without it!
There are of course alternatives, such as CLion (which only works with cmake projects IIRC, which is most likely out of scope since UE uses custom build system).
It is paid however, but the prices are manageable and after it expires it will continue to work, you just won’t receive updates. You can also take a trial and see for yourself.