Problems selecting cameras in VR editor

I’m using the VR editor and am having problems selecting cameras/cinicameras. When I point the laser at a camera and click, it selects whatever is behind the camera. It seems like the only way to select the camera is to bring up the world outliner and select it there. Cameras select fine in the the normal (not VR) editor. I’ve also tried creating a camera in the “virtual production” vr menu and while it makes a camera it isn’t selected. Clicking the bookmark in “virtual production” takes me to a camera but does not select it.

This is very inconvenient, am I missing something in setup? I couldn’t find any references about this and I could swear I’ve seen videos of people creating and selecting cameras in VR mode without going to the world outliner to do it.

I’m in unreal 4.22.3 with a VivePro headset, windows 10, nvidia 2080 graphics