Problems importing meshes with textures

More specifically, importing meshes with textures that I made in Blender.

Do all textures have to be made using Blueprints / Painting in Unreal 4 or is there something that I am missing in Blender for it to recognize the textures I am painting on my meshes?

I’ve looked up every method I could for adding/painting textures and I can’t for the life of me get them loaded into Unreal. It’s always just a blank and untexgured mesh that gets imported.

Any ideas?

Blender to UE4 just brings in the material slots for the mesh. You’ll have to save you’re painted textures from Blender in a folder somewhere and import into UE4 separately from the mesh.

Then you’ll create materials in UE4 utilizing those newly imported textures.

You can save the textures from Blender from UV/Image Editor.

I recommend saving them in a place they will stay permanently. UE4 will reference these files and if you make a change in blender, you can resave it to disc; then in UE4, navigate to the texture in the content browser and “Reimport”
If you do end up moving them, UE4 has a “Reimport With New File” option.

So basically have 2 separate files:

One with the mesh and one with the texture?

That is correct, yes.