Problems exporting from Maya into Unreal.

Hey guys,

Please, somebody help me, this problem is driving me crazy.

I got this metahuman character into Unreal and the blendshapes works properly, as it can been seen in the first picture.

When I export the same character into Maya, it still looks the same.

The problem starts when I try to re-export the character from maya into unreal. Cause now in Unreal for some reason it looks like the second picture. Even if I don’t make any change in it inside Maya.

It’s so frustrating cause I plan to do a lot of modifications of the character into Maya so I can export them into Unreal. But if I can’t fix this problem, all my work will be lost. Could somebody help me please? Thank you.

Sorry i can’t help, but i’m in a similar situation. The fbx export from maya is very fiddly and unpredictable. It’s not a reliable workflow. It would be helpful to have an fbx export tutorial with a checklist of all the things to look out for…