Problems creating physics asset for imported skeleton

I have a skeleton which is essentially identical to the standard ue4 mannequin. It was created in Blender. The big change was that I altered the bone orientations for use in Blender. I then re-imported the skeleton back into ue4 and everything looks good. Re-targeting animations also works without issues. However, creating physics bodies is having issues. Blender works in meters while ue4 is cm. So the when importing the new skeletal mesh, I set the uniform import scale to 100. This seems to be causing issues with the physics bodies because they are 100 times the size they need to be. I have to go back and manually rescale the physics bodies down by a factor of 100 to correct for this. What’s going on?

FYI: I did not have any scaling set in Blender. Everything in Blender was set to scale = 1.0 including the FBX export.