Problems applying materials in blender objects

Hi all. First of all i have to say that i’m a beginner in 3D development and trying to learn.

In the img1 (in Attachments) there are two 3D Sphere object. The first object is a sphere created in Blender and imported in UE4, the second object is the default sphere mesh of the UE engine.
As you can see the result is not very good, there is something i’m doing wrong with smoothing properties, I think. Or with setting the UV.
In the img2 i tried to make more faces to sphere and to smooth, but I’m trying to make a sphere equal to Ue4 sphere mesh.

Please can you make me some suggestions? Documentation, videos or other will be very useful.

Thank you

Yeah, in your fbx exporter you need to enable smoothing of some sort.
Honestly, the blender fbx exporter is pretty ****. I would advise using the beautiful Blender Tools Plugin:

Also, maybe try UV wrapping it if you haven’t. Good luck!