Problems after lighting build

So all of the appliances have the same brushed metal texture and all of the cabinets have the same texture, but the dishwasher and the bank of cabinets by the sink don’t come out the same. What could be causing this?

I don’t get any errors after the build. I have no overlapping UVs on import or that show up in 3ds max (where all of those elements are coming from as .fbx). All texture mapping is in real world units and lightmaps seem good. The problem cabinets have a 4k lightmap and the dishwasher has 512 (other sizes have not helped). I think I have all duplicate faces and vertexes handled. This is on medium and preview build quality. I haven’t tried higher yet. UE 4.11 There is one directional light outside, a skylight, and a bunch of static lights inside.

Any ideas welcome…thanks!

It could be that they are computed by different lightmapping threads which causes differenent shading due to unsynced irradiance cache data.
So it is inherent to Lightmass and cannot be avoided. (Except if you either make everything one mesh actor, or compute lightmaps on a single core cpu).

PS: Same story here:

I understand that for dark seems, but how does it get so bright?