Problem with UMG and touch swipes.

Hello guys,

Posted this on android section, no reply so giving it a try here. :frowning:

I’ve been stuck with a problem for a long time now.

What I have is a UMG menu that has buttons which are needed to be pressed in my game. Also, I have swipes that are used to move player left and right.

The problem is when you swipe and press the UMG button simultaneously, or in close time frames, the game crashes (Talking about while playing on device.) I think this is happening because of two inputs together.

What i’m trying to achieve is to make only one touch input possible at a time.

Also, would be great if someone tells how to make both the inputs possible at the same time? so that the game is more responsive.

Anyways, what I have tried but have failed is,

Binding the “is Enabled” in the behavior sub menu of UMG with the touch so that on touch detect the menu gets disabled. Sadly, it still crashes.

something wrong in your code/blueprint that’s causing the crash and not on unreal maybe on phone’s side.

The thing is unreal can detect up 4 fingers on mobile devices (4 finger tap to display console).


So multi touch and simultaneous input should infact should work unless you’ve got a really old phone.

Is your project C++ or Blueprints only ?

Hey bro,

Thanks for the reply.

My game is all blueprints.

What I’m actually doing is that the UMG is always displayed as the game goes on. And all the UMG button does is casts to the player, gets a component and sets it to another component. Like switching weapons with keys. Although the code works fine but, its just that swipes when followed with very very close tap, the game crashes.

My device is pretty high end so I don’t think that’s the issue. I’ve also tried it on multiple devices and with all of them getting the same result.

Apparently, I discovered that it happens everywhere on the UMG, even if I swipe and tap on the scoreboard, the game crashes. I’m really confused. For swipes i’m using the code that can be found at many places in the forums. I would link it later.

you are a Indian too right?