Problem with timelines

Hi all! I got question about timelines. Sorry if it was answered already. How can make for example make door close faster than it opens? I can’t make it.

Use two different Timelines. Switch between them with a bool for the door Open / Close state.

Thanks, will try this

Or you can use the same timeline but with two different tracks and use one track for opening and one for closing, but either solution is fine.

But how to chose wich track to play? can you give example screen of this?

When you have multiple tracks in a timeline, they will show up as different outputs in the timeline. You could do a switch on the “direction” of the timeline and pick the correct track, but honestly at this point it’s overly complicated for what you want to do and Haxo’s suggestion is better :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried that, but the door just teleports its rotation. Example code?

How to switch betwen them? Example code screen pls.


How about that?

Thank you very mutch!

Problem: When door opens, and closes, when I press F key the door “teleports” it’s location. No animaion is playing